COVID-19 Update
The services Midwest Surveys provides are considered an essential service, therefore we are still open and operating. The majority of our employees who work out of our 11 offices are now working remotely from home, while our field staff have been provided with safe work protocols and checklists outlining responsible social distancing, personal hygiene, and cleaning measures. We will continue to adhere by the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal government’s guidelines to ensure we can continue to carry out services, while maintaining the protection of our employees, clients, and members of the communities in which we live and work.

Our dedicated major pipeline team will leverage extensive experience, deep resources, practical know-how and new technologies to ensure your projects run smoothly. Our quality assurance and project controls allow for our team to service you in a safe, accurate, and effective way.

Pipeline Pre-Construction Services


Planning & Regulatory Services
  • Cost Estimates and Scheduling
  • Survey Management and Administration
  • Documentation Searches
  • Base File Mapping
  • Terrain Modelling and Fly-Through Generation (LiDAR, Air Photo and Satellite)
  • Detailed Routing
  • Right of Way Details and Dispositions
  • Property Sketches
  • Mapping
  • Route Maps
  • Access Maps
  • Access Map Sheets
  • Regulatory Maps
Design Land & Acquisition
  • Environmental Support Surveys
  • Ground Disturbance Surveys (Soil, Historical, etc.)
  • Legal Right of Way Surveys
  • Engineering Design Surveys
  • New & Existing Facility Surveys
  • Right of Way Grade Support Surveys
  • Grade Planning
  • Acquisition Sketches 
  • Property Sketches and IOP’s
  • Surveying Notes for Engineering Design
  • Proposed 3D Ditch Line Profile
  • New and Existing Facility Plans
  • Construction Survey Plans
  • Crossing Drawings
  • Detailed Crossing List
  • Regulatory Approval Plans (PIL & PLA Plans)
  • Legal Survey Plan
  • Construction Alignment Sheets
  • Plan Profile Book of Reference Plans
  • Right of Way Grade Plans

Pipeline Construction Services


Construction Services
  • Pre-Construction Right of Way Staking
  • Pipe Data (Stock Pile Site)
  • Ditch Line Staking
  • Engineering Design Layout
  • Reference | Progress Chaining
  • As-Weld Pipe Data
  • Pipe As-Built
  • Facility As-Built
  • Hydro Testing Data and Plans
  • Caliper Tool Data and Correlation
  • Materials Reconciliation
  • Final Grade Surveys
  • As-Built Survey Notes
  • As-Built Alignment Sheets
  • As-Built Pipe Data

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