Our dedicated major pipeline team will leverage extensive experience, deep resources, practical know-how and new technologies to ensure your projects run smoothly. Our quality assurance and project controls allow for our team to service you in a safe, accurate, and effective way.

Pipeline Pre-Construction Services


Planning & Regulatory Services
  • Cost Estimates and Scheduling
  • Survey Management and Administration
  • Documentation Searches
  • Base File Mapping
  • Terrain Modelling and Fly-Through Generation (LiDAR, Air Photo and Satellite)
  • Detailed Routing
  • Right of Way Details and Dispositions
  • Property Sketches
  • Mapping
  • Route Maps
  • Access Maps
  • Access Map Sheets
  • Regulatory Maps
Design Land & Acquisition
  • Environmental Support Surveys
  • Ground Disturbance Surveys (Soil, Historical, etc.)
  • Legal Right of Way Surveys
  • Engineering Design Surveys
  • New & Existing Facility Surveys
  • Right of Way Grade Support Surveys
  • Grade Planning
  • Acquisition Sketches 
  • Property Sketches and IOP’s
  • Surveying Notes for Engineering Design
  • Proposed 3D Ditch Line Profile
  • New and Existing Facility Plans
  • Construction Survey Plans
  • Crossing Drawings
  • Detailed Crossing List
  • Regulatory Approval Plans (PIL & PLA Plans)
  • Legal Survey Plan
  • Construction Alignment Sheets
  • Plan Profile Book of Reference Plans
  • Right of Way Grade Plans

Pipeline Construction Services


Construction Services
  • Pre-Construction Right of Way Staking
  • Pipe Data (Stock Pile Site)
  • Ditch Line Staking
  • Engineering Design Layout
  • Reference | Progress Chaining
  • As-Weld Pipe Data
  • Pipe As-Built
  • Facility As-Built
  • Hydro Testing Data and Plans
  • Caliper Tool Data and Correlation
  • Materials Reconciliation
  • Final Grade Surveys
  • As-Built Survey Notes
  • As-Built Alignment Sheets
  • As-Built Pipe Data

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