Our engineering service offerings, which include a range of pipeline and facility services help our clients design, construct, and maintain their critical infrastructure. 

Facility Engineering Services

Design & Engineering

  • Comprehensive Expertise: Mechanical, Civil/Structural, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Control services.
  • Specialized Designs: Launchers/Receivers, Meter Stations, Compressor Station Tie-ins. Focus on Piping layout, Facility hydrostatic testing, P&IDs, Material Selection, Pile layout, Civil design, and stress analysis.
  • Integrity Services: Valve replacements, hot tap tie-in, launcher/receiver services, stopple bypass designs, facility retirement/abandonments.

Analysis, Calculations & Reports

  • Targeted Assessments: Clash detection
  • Stress Analysis: Pressure and thermal stress analysis for safety and compliance.
  • Detailed Calculations: Wall thickness, hoop & long stress calculations, facility pipe stress analysis, surface loading, flange leak, blowdown thrust force, soil spring, membrane stress.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Stress Analysis, structural assessments, wall thickness design.

Pipeline Engineering Services

Pipeline Design & Optimization

  • Diverse Pipeline Types: Gas or Liquid Pipelines ranging from NPS 2 to NPS 48.
  • Mainline Engineering: Class location studies, valve spacing, pipeline hydrostatic testing design, buoyancy control, crossing design.
  • Civil Earthworks & Erosion Control: ROW and crossing design, sediment control.
  • Alignment Sheets & Construction Support: Detailed engineering alignment sheets and as-built services.

Safety & Analysis

  • Pipeline Stress Analysis: Ensuring pipeline integrity through comprehensive analysis.

Partnerships & Integrity Services

  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations in corrosion and constructability studies.
  • Pipeline Integrity Services: Class upgrades, replacements, abandonments, and construction support.

Calculations & Reports

  • In-depth Calculations & Reports: Wall thickness, hoop & long stress calculations, pipeline stress analysis, hydrostatic testing optimization.

Construction and As-built

  • Construction Support & As-built Drafting: End-to-end guidance and drafting.

    Why choose Midwest Surveys?

    • In-House Expertise: A team of seasoned professionals across multiple disciplines.
    • Focus on Safety and Compliance: Ensuring the highest standards in every project.
    • Innovative Solutions: Tailored to meet the specific needs of each project.
    • One of a Kind: Only known Survey and Engineering provider for small to large diameter pipeline projects.
    • End-to-End Service: From initial design to final construction and project management.

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