Between 1979-1980, Midwest purchased its first Wang Mini Computer System with 64K of memory running 8 terminals, 2 graphics monitors and 1 flatbed plotter for around $200,000.

Bob Sorensen and Norm Olsen travelled to El Paso, Texas to receive intensive training on using the coordinate geometry and earthworks software. The biggest advantage beyond performing survey calculations, was using it to produce title blocks while the rest of the plan was still hand drafted.

Later on, the Wang downloaded and processed survey data direct from the data collector from the field into the coordinate geometry package and a custom written invoicing program for accounting.

Norm Olsen started with Midwest in July 1975 in deliveries, and later moved into the drafting department. Norm played a significant role in introducing the Wang to our operations. He later started the adoption of the PC and AutoCAD software for complete drafting of well-site and pipeline right-of-way plans. Norm left Midwest in 1988.