Riley Wallewein

Meet Riley Wallewein. Riley is currently in his second year of the Geomatics and Engineering Technology Program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic and worked with Midwest Surveys from May to December of 2014. Riley’s love for the outdoors is just one of the reasons he has chosen to a career in geomatics. “I also enjoy dealing with the numbers. Looking for survey evidence can be challenging at times, but it’s rewarding to see all the boundaries come together.” Riley explains.

Riley grew up on his family farm near Estevan, SK and when looking for summer employment, being close to home was important to him. “I knew Midwest Surveys had an office in Estevan, so when I was hired after I had made a request to work there, I was very happy.” Midwest is committed to providing meaningful work experiences that fit both personal career objectives, and family life. Riley shares that his work term with Midwest provided him with the practical experience he was looking for, “When I look back and think where I was when I started, I just laugh. I feel like I’ve learned so much that I can take back with me to school.”

Riley explained that the crew chiefs in Estevan were all very patient when he first started. “Two individuals stood out to me as excellent mentors: Kristoff Dumais and Evan Millar” Riley said. He went on to explain that Kristoff, who’s experience is in Legal and Municipal work, was especially patient on his first day in the field, “I was inexperienced and even simple tasks took longer than expected, but Kristoff took the time to explain each task in-depth.” Evan taught Riley a lot about oil & gas surveys, including how to choose the best route for a Right of Way or how to calculate in oil well leases. “By the end of my term, Evan was allowing me to be more hands-on doing some of the calculating as well as staking out lines and points. Both Kristoff and Evan made substantial contributions to my learning experience.”

riley-boatOne of the most challenging jobs that Riley worked on during his term was a Topographic Survey in an abandoned farm yard. Riley and the crew chief had the difficult task of taking multiple “shots” in a small zodiac boat on a windy day. “It was so hard to keep the boat in the same place long enough to take the shots, it was definitely the most unique challenge during my work term!” Riley exclaimed.

Estevan office manager Steven Drew is proud to have the opportunity to work with students such as Riley. “Riley is a hardworking, dedicated individual; we look forward to his return next January.” Drew said.