David Skagen

Meet David Skagen

David Skagen, a fourth year student at BCIT in the Bachelor of Technology program in Geomatics feels that it’s the people at Midwest Surveys that have made his time so memorable and fulfilling.

Shortly after David Skagen was hired at Midwest as a Rodman, he knew that a career in Geomatics was what he wanted. As he gained a better understanding of the profession, he grew very passionate about Geomatics and truly enjoyed going to work every day. This made the decision to return to school an easy one to make with hopes of eventually becoming a Land Surveyor. Now, David is entering his fourth year at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in the Bachelor of Technology in Geomatics program.

David feels that the culture at Midwest is really unique and appreciates the opportunity he has been given. He notes that “the experience that I have gained working the last three summers has left me feeling like I am a valuable and reliable employee and have the confidence to lead on any job that is asked of me.” Even though he is gone for a large portion of the year, when he returns back for his work term, each day provides unique and valuable work experiences. David lists a handful of Midwest employees that have made a significant contribution to his learning experience including Brad Boulton, Field Operations Manager, Crew Chief Jason Duchsherer and Nathan Dennison and Tim Martin, Land Surveyors in the Medicine Hat office. “The people at Midwest make the job so enjoyable and I have created a great bond with a lot of great people” Skagen explained.

One of the most interesting jobs David got to work on during one of his terms was a retracement survey for a portion of the original town site of Winnifred, AB. This survey involved digging at each of the block corners and many of the lot corners to find the original wooden posts dating back to the early 1900’s. During that job, they were able to find much of the original evidence to re-establish the corners of the blocks for the monument plan.