Student Testimonials

Christopher Kingston

Meet Christopher Kingston.

Christopher Kingston, a Bachelor of Science student at the University of New Brunswick, is grateful to have found his home away from home in Lloydminster, SK with his employer of choice.

David Skagen

Meet David Skagen.

David Skagen, a fourth year student at BCIT in the Bachelor of Technology program in Geomatics feels that it’s the people at Midwest Surveys that have made his time so memorable and fulfilling.

Grady Rowley

Meet Grady Rowley.

Grady Rowley, currently studying at BCIT in the Geomatics program, was pleased to find work at the Midwest Surveys Maple Creek, SK location. Grady appreciates the practical knowledge gained during his work-terms with Midwest Surveys, enriching his post-secondary education.

Jonathan Lambert

Meet Jonathan Lambert.

Jonathan Lambert, a current student at the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS), was drawn to Midwest Surveys after meeting recruiters during a campus visit. He soon learned that it was the company culture at Midwest that would make his employment so memorable.

Riley Wallewein

Meet Riley Wallewein.

Riley, a second year student of the Geomatics and Engineering Technology Program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, is grateful to have had the opportunity to work for the Estevan office. The practical experience Riley gained during his work term, has given him the step forward in his education he was looking for!

Claudia Potok

Meet Claudia Potok.

Claudia Potok, a passionate Geomatics Engineering student at the University of Calgary, was looking for an employer that could give her diverse experience in her field and also presented opportunities for professional growth. Find out why Midwest Surveys was right for her.