Wellsite & Pipeline Services

At Midwest, we are dedicated to provide professional customer service, high ethical standards, technical expertise and safety. Each Midwest office is fully self-sufficient in Land Surveyor supervision and plan preparation. Midwest’s Professional Land Surveyors are experienced in all aspects of land surveying, particularly oil and gas related regulations. Field crews are stationed throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan to speed access time to drilling and construction locations. Midwest’s highly seasoned personnel are fully equipped with state-of-the-art survey and communication technologies. Our staff is capable of virtually any type of survey, positioning, and/or mapping project. Our Wellsite & Pipeline Services include:

  • Wellsite & Access Road Surveys
  • Pipeline Surveys / Right of Way Surveys
  • Battery / Compressor Site Surveys
  • Construction As-Built Surveys
  • Field Scouting
  • Pre-Project Planning
  • LiDAR Scouting / Surveys
  • Composite Mapping
  • Road & Pipeline Crossings
  • Water Course Crossings
  • Individual Ownership Plans (IOP’s)

MSIMap, Midwest Surveys’ exclusive online GIS software solution is a complimentary offering to our clients designed to assist with project pre-planning and asset management. The ability to import/export data sets, shape files and LiDAR data makes MSIMap a perfect complement to your project portfolio.