Virtual Survey Solutions

Midwest Surveys Virtual Survey Solutions can meet a variety of our clients’ surveying needs including site selection, routing, profiles, volume calculations and 3D visual impact assessment. A virtual terrain model is a digital representation of the ground surface topography or terrain created from data acquired through remote sensing or terrestrial surveying techniques.

Through remote sensing techniques, such as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), large amounts of data can be collected over a large project area in a relatively short amount of time. The data can be classified into topographical features such as ground, buildings, vegetation, and power lines, which is then processed to create a virtual terrain model. Visual assessment and planning can be completed using the model, which reduces the need for multiple field visits.

Our team of professionals lead live LiDAR viewing sessions where a project team can contribute to site selection and routing in real time.

MSIMap, Midwest Surveys’ exclusive online GIS software solution is a complimentary offering to our clients designed to assist with project pre-planning and asset management. The ability to import/export data sets, shape files and LiDAR data makes MSIMap a perfect complement to your project portfolio.


  • Oil & Gas – Right-of-Way planning, lease planning
  • Power lines – Right-of-Way planning, convergence of vegetation, catenary calculations
  • Telecommunications – Right-of-Way planning, obstruction analysis (Line of sight)
  • Transportation – Mapping, profiles, cross sections, cut & fill volumes, planning
  • Utilities – Right-of-Way planning
  • Environmental Monitoring – Vegetation density, shoreline mapping
  • Forestry – Tree height, vegetation density
  • Mining – Volume calculations, environmental impact
  • Municipal Developments – Grading, drainage, contours, planning, visual impact assessment

Please contact us to inquire about Midwest’s unique LiDAR sessions.