Municipal Surveys

Our professional Land Surveyors provide a broad range of municipal surveying services in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Subdivisions, real property reports (surveyors’ certificates), condominium surveys, and construction layout or as-builts to name a few of the services we supply our residential, resort, commercial and industrial clients.

Land Development Consultation

  • Interpretation and explanation of municipal bylaws
  • Review of requirements of approving authorities
  • Communication and coordination between our clients and developers, engineering service providers and municipal and provincial authorities.

Planning and Approvals – Subdivisions

  • Provision of topographical surveys to determine the location of natural and man-made features to assist with site evaluation and subdivision design.
  • Preparation of subdivision plans from concept to finalization.
  • Assistance with completion of subdivision applications and their submissions to appropriate authorities.
  • Attendance to inquiries from various agencies throughout the review process.

Legal Surveys – Subdivisions, Lot Postings, Rights of Way, Easements, Condominium Surveys

  • Completion of land surveys to define and mark property corners for new subdivisions as well as the re-establishment and posting of corners of existing properties.
  • Performance of right of way surveys for various easements (feature) requirements.
  • Execution of legal surveys of condominium units and preparation of condominium plans.

Construction Surveys – Real Property Reports (Surveyor’s Certificates), Basement Stakeouts, Elevation Certificates, Pile Layout, Foundation Layout

  • Provision of surveying services and certificates to ensure proper location and elevation of single-family residences. Services include basement stakeouts, elevation certificates and real property reports.
  • Completion of surveys for foundation layout, pile locations, positions of curbs and driveways as well as staking control for site grading in multi-family projects.

Provision of additional surveying services for the specialized needs of commercial projects, including staking control for installation of underground services and marking locations for parking lot stripping.