Pipeline Integrity Projects

Since 2001, Midwest Surveys’ Pipeline Integrity Group has been providing the services you need to effectively manage existing and proposed pipelines and associated facilities. Our Integrity project managers assist oil & gas owners/operators by providing innovative inventory management and information mapping as part of a fully comprehensive survey package.

Midwest‘s shared resources, means that we have field crews and office staff dedicated to Pipeline Integrity work, and to provide the accurate results your company needs, on a timely basis. Midwest Surveys’ Integrity group delivers economic, safe and practical services which successfully fulfills our clients’ individual Pipeline Integrity requirements.


  • In-Line Inspection (ILI) Dig Site Surveys*
  • Data Correlation of In-Line tool with As-Built Field Survey Data
  • Water Course Crossing Surveys
  • Pipeline Profile and Depth-of-Cover Surveys
  • Above Ground Marker (AGM) Surveys
  • Access Maps
  • Facility As-Builts and Construction Layouts
  • Hydrostatic Testing Surveys
  • Pipe As-Builts for Repair/Replacements
  • Pipeline Class Upgrade Surveys
  • Emergency Repair Assistance
  • Slope Stability and Deformation Surveys
  • Cathodic Protection Surveys Including New and Existing Ground Beds
  • Class Location Field Verification Surveys
  • Pipeline Current Mapping
  • Historical Data Management

*On average, our Pipeline Integrity group will survey over 300 sites per year.