GIS Mapping

Today’s business environment requires large amounts of complex information in order to make critical decisions regarding lands, resources and facilities. Midwest Surveys’ spatial data infrastructure and related applications can convert this mass of data into an easily manageable and accessible system.

Our GIS team can supply clients with the geographic (“spatial”) attributes and relationships that they require for intelligent resource planning. By adding clarity to their asset management, our clients can reallocate time and effort to the other important business issues their companies face.

Midwest Surveys’ GIS team can support clients’ initiatives through data development, translation, warehousing, integration or on-line access through MSIMap, Midwest’s online mapping solution.


  • Pipeline Integrity and Construction Programs
  • Facilities Site Planning and Route Selection
  • Access Mapping and Planning
  • LiDAR
  • Mapping for Regulatory Approvals
  • Aerial Photography and Satellite Imagery
  • Emergency Response Mapping and Notification

The GIS team provides solutions to multiple sectors including oil and gas, power transmission and land development.