Construction & Infrastructure

Midwest Surveys has the tools and expertise necessary to provide high quality mapping and survey services for planning, design and construction for major facilities layouts and infrastructure development. Midwest Surveys offers mapping and land survey services for all phases of construction and infrastructure projects including power generation (ie: plant site surveying, road surveys), transmission, substation and distribution.

Pre-Project Planning Services

  • Mapping for site selection
  • Mapping for plantsite
  • Mapping for regulatory planning
  • Virtual terrain modeling
  • 3D visual footprint simulations
  • Virtual fly throughs & impact assessment
  • Feature classification of LiDAR data in PLS CADD format

Land Survey Services

  • Right-of-way and site surveys
  • Pile layouts
  • Facility layouts
  • Facility as-builts (conventional and 3D laser scanner)
  • Centreline establishment and staking
  • Foundation layout of transmission structures
  • Buried facility locating
  • Row Staking

Data Management

  • Geographically referenced data
  • Data formatted for ease of upload into any GIS
  • Custom GIS development
  • Advanced data profiling and quality control

** See our Virtual Survey Solutions for more ways to assist in your next project.