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Today’s business environment requires the organization, analysis and presentation of large amounts of data. If this data is retrieved and presented properly with just the right technology, critical decisions regarding lands, resources and facilities can be made with much more clarity. Our team will supply you with the geographic (“spatial”) attributes and relationships required for intelligent planning.


Midwest Surveys’ GIS team can support clients’ initiatives through data development, translation, warehousing, integration or on-line access through MSIMap, Midwest’s complimentary online mapping solution.


  • Composite Mapping
  • Pipeline Integrity and Construction Programs
  • Facilities Site Planning and Route Selection
  • Access Mapping and Planning
  • Mapping for Regulatory Approvals
  • Aerial Photography and Satellite Imagery
  • Emergency Response Mapping and Notification
  • CAD to GIS Projects

MSI Map 

MSI Map is Midwest Surveys’ comprehensive and exclusive web-based GIS software solution available at no additional cost to Midwest Clients. Our GIS team works collaboratively to build client driven applications that are fully customizable based on individual project needs.

MSI Map provides information that is crucial to the success of your project thanks to its base data and over 20 layers of additional data. Custom analysis tools such as the Well Lease Placement tool, Right of Way Construction (ROW) tool, and Constraints Buffer tool assist in intelligent decision making resulting in reduced costs.


  • Plan Well and Pipeline Locations
    • Draw, edit and analyze
    • Measure distances, to nearby features
    • Generate crossing reports
    • View Hydrology
    • Convert sketches to .PDF

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3D Modelling Using LiDAR Data

See your next project site in a 3D virtual terrain model prior to boots hitting the ground. Your team can use this powerful tool in site selection, routing, profiles, volume calculations and a visual impact assessment. 

Our team of professionals lead live LiDAR viewing sessions in house or at one of our local offices where your project team can contribute to site selection and routing in real time.

  • Oil & Gas – Right-of-Way planning, lease planning
  • Power lines – Right-of-Way planning, convergence of vegetation, catenary calculations
  • Telecommunications – Right-of-Way planning, obstruction analysis (Line of sight)
  • Transportation – Mapping, profiles, cross sections, cut & fill volumes, planning
  • Environmental Monitoring – Vegetation density, shoreline mapping
  • Forestry – Tree height, vegetation density
  • Mining – Volume calculations, environmental impact
  • Municipal Developments – Grading, drainage, contours, planning, visual impact assessment

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3D Laser Scanning

Our scanning technology provides a realistic view of site conditions, capturing every detail with high accuracy. Additionally, photos can be captured following a scan and photo-realistic colors can be applied to the point clouds.

  • Applications
  • As-builts of oil and gas facilities
  • Designing upgrades to existing facilities and clash detection
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Modeling 3D objects for inventory and analysis
  • Earthwork applications such as volumetric calculations, digital terrain models and hazardous slope mapping
  • As builts of infrastructure including bridges, powerlines and substations

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or Drone)

The addition of UAVs to our operations allows us to collect survey grade aerial imagery and create 3D terrain models in an efficient and accurate manner.


  • Orthomosaic or Georeferenced Imagery
  • 3D Point Clouds
  • 3D Models of landscapes / structures
  • Bare Earth Hillshades
  • Contours and Surfaces
  • Distance Measurements
  • Area and Volume Calculations
  • 3D Fly Through tours
  • HD Still Images and Video of sites

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