Life at Midwest

Be a name, not a number

Midwest Surveys has a friendly, “small company” atmosphere. We’re a well-established, growing company with room for career advancement. We value hard work but also offer a casual, fun environment where you won’t get lost in the shuffle. We know that most people work better if they aren’t struggling to wear a suit every day.

10 Locations, 1 Community

  • Through MSI Net, our Intranet site, employees share digital content despite the topography between us
  • Perspectives from different locations and backgrounds come together in collaborative work teams to implement company-wide solutions.
  • Our active Social Clubs host a variety of events outside the work setting where co-workers and their families can socialize
  • Read the company newsletter to find out about Medicine Hat’s huge new project, what’s on Kevin’s (our President) mind, how to keep safe over the long weekend, and who was recently married or added to the family.

Employee Appreciation

  • Sometimes it’s formal. Sometimes it’s informal. We do our best to recognize effort and to give credit where credit is due. Our employees work hard, do what it takes, and give Midwest their best to get the job done. It’s important to recognize that employees are the foundation of our success.

Innovation Committee

  • We believe that every employee has the potential to be a great leader. As such we created a committee where every employee has the chance to rise and become a leader in our community, a Midwest Innovator. Midwest is proud to employ the best in Western Canada; as such our employees are an invaluable asset in our success. Through the Innovation Committee we strive to further this relationship with our employees.
Good Folks…. Good Times

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