Rich Nixon, BCLS, ALS, P.Eng.

Rich Nixon

Rich joined the company when Midwest opened the Fort St. John branch in 2009. As project manager, Rich is responsible for the management of various survey projects, from oil and gas activities, to municipal endeavors. As an office manager, Rich provides leadership and direction to all his staff and is preparing them for upward growth within the company.

Rich earned his Professional Engineering designation in 2004, his ALS commission in 2007 and his BCLS commission in 2009. Rich participates in the company’s Innovation Committee, Equipment Committee and Corporate Safety Committee. As someone being so involved in the company’s activities Rich mentions that he ‘enjoys the culture Midwest has to support all levels of employees. As a manager, I benefit from a supportive management team, the corporate administrative department, and our local group of dedicated employees. Together our combined efforts have allowed me to be successful in meeting the needs of our clients operating in North East British Columbia on a wide range of industry projects.