Mark Knott, ALS

Mark Knott

Mark started at Midwest in 2003 as a Crew Chief and Articling Student. Since then, Mark has acquired significant experience with oil and gas surveys in tough terrain and densely forested areas. Mark is now an Alberta Land Surveyor and the Edmonton office manager. As an ALS and project manager, Mark leads the ALS requirements – particularly in crown areas. As an office manager, Mark chairs regular staff management meetings to ensure operational efficiencies, review product quality, turnaround time, and set new levels of quality client services. Additionally, Mark coordinates internal/interoffice workflow and interaction, as well as advises of company business developments and changes in processes and policies.

Not only is Mark a serious land surveyor who provides high level of service, he is a ‘jokes man’ around the office. In fact, when we asked him to tell us about his weekends his first response was “Collecting rare antiquarian books with hand colored plates, and short walks on the beach”.